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Demo https://testflight.apple.com/join/G3SqSUJWhttps://github.com/inspireui/fluxstore/releases/download/demo/fluxstore-max.apk, https://youtu.be/s2TImF4LO08
Showcase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PVJ2bI5bN8&list=PLcF-HiQy-jOLRvIpbBvlm3p4p-yTgr0IC
Document guide https://support.inspireui.com/
Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/inspireui?sub_confirmation=1
How to buy? https://1.envato.market/xkr2oO


FluxStore MAX app is the full multi-site Flutter Application that creates iOS and Android mobile apps for your existing websites (WooCommerce, WordPress, or Listing).

Questions Answers
I need a solution for multi-cities (not multi-vendors).
When a user chooses a certain city he will see the website of this city only and its products.
For example, I have websites https://example.com/london , https://example.com/paris , https://us.com , https://uk.com , etc. You can do it with https://1.envato.market/xkr2oO.
Can it switch to a certain store per country? Yes, you could switch to a different store per country (as per domain).
How many websites or domains could be added to one single app? At the moment I have 26 cities with separate installations of Dokan and Listeo. Is it possible to merge in 1 app? Yes. Unlimited domains in a single app.
Can I merge the source code of FluxStore MultiVendor, FluxStore Manager, and FluxStore Delivery Boy into a single app? You can do it with https://1.envato.market/xkr2oO.

This app also includes source codes of these apps to suit your diverse consolidation (merging) needs:

You can combine these source codes for your businesses:

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